MID FI por Emil Kozak

MID FI por Emil Kozak

Titulo del libro : MID FI
Fecha de lanzamiento : December 1, 2011
Autor : Emil Kozak
Número de páginas : 264
ISBN : 8492643749
Editor : Index Book

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Emil Kozak con MID FI

Mid-Fi takes a extensive look at the recent change in the perception of how a computer can be used in a graphic-design/ illustration process. Our generation of designers, artists and illustrators have all grown up surrounded by computers, and their unlimited options and tricks. Now there seems to be a concensus for using the computer as a tool, instead of as the main instrument for creating graphics and art. Mid-Fi is an exploration of this hybrid crafts-based approach, mixed with modern technology, and the new forms of expression that brings.

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